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Aqueon Stick'ems Freeze-Dried

Aqueon Stick'ems Freeze-Dried

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Aqueon® Stick’ems™ freeze-dried treats create excitement during feeding time by providing even the pickiest of eaters with a nutritious blend of brine & mysis shrimp. By adhering to the side of the tank, Stick’ems gives you a more up-close and personal experience with your fish as they eat, allowing you to be a part of the experience. This is an excellent treat for both freshwater and marine fish. Stick’ems treats make treat time fun!

  • Sticks to the side of the tank to make feeding time more interactive
  • Developed with natural ingredients to please even the pickiest of fish
  • Fish are naturally attracted to the food due to its high palatability
  • This treat is high in protein, providing fish with the vitamins they need to maintain a healthy immune system
  • Energy rich formulation provides fish with the essentials for proper growth and vitality
  • Acts as a tasty addition to any complete diet
  • Cube is about 1/2 x 1/2
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