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Galapagos Tropicoco Coconut Soil Bedding Substrate

Galapagos Tropicoco Coconut Soil Bedding Substrate

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Galapagos Tropicoco coconut soil bedding is for Tropical Reptiles, Amphibians & Live Plants. It is a perfect substrate for Oriental Fire Bellied Toads, Tiger Salamanders, Pacman Frogs, Green Anoles, Garter Snakes, Box Turtles, Western Toads, and similar species.

  • Ultra-soft, comfortable bedding for your hermit crab, rad reptile or amphibian amigo.
  • Eco-friendly soil is made from a sustainable and renewable resource.
  • High-absorbency material controls tropical humidity.
  • Free from salt, chemicals, oils and parasites.
  • Resealable bag helps keep bedding fresh.
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