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Zilla Reptile Terrarium Liner

Zilla Reptile Terrarium Liner

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It’s easy to keep your reptile’s habitat safe, clean and comfortable with a Zilla Terrarium Liner. A versatile and simple bedding option for a variety of pets, these liners are perfect for beginner pet owners and juvenile reptiles. The liners cannot be ingested and offer a safe alternative for reptiles prone to accidentally eating loose bedding during feeding. They are treated with a biodegradable enzyme that minimizes odors in the habitat, keeping your habitat fresh for longer. The material is absorbent and non-abrasive, designed to soak up any potential mess while also providing comfort to your reptile. When it comes time for cleaning, the liner is easy to remove and can be cleaned by simply rinsing with cold water. The rolls come in a variety of sizes as well as in plush green or brown. To install, simply roll out the carpet and cut to size as needed. If you’re looking for a safe, clean and low-maintenance bedding option for your reptile, the Zilla Terrarium Liner is the easy choice. Celebrate your pet and Rep Yourself, with Zilla.

  • LOW-MAINTENANCE AND EASY TO CLEAN, perfect for beginner pet owners. Simply rinse with cold water to clean and reuse.
  • ODOR-REDUCING TERRARIUM LINER. Treated with a biodegradable enzyme that minimizes reptile odors and contributes to a fresh and healthy habitat.
  • DESIGNED TO BE SAFE so that your reptile cannot accidentally ingest the bedding when feeding. An alternative to loose substrates. Ideal for juvenile reptiles.
  • ABSORBENT AND NON-ABRASIVE material, providing a comfortable and absorbent surface for reptiles.
  • 17.25 x 71
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